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Men’s Health

Andrology is the study of conditions pertaining to health in the male. This involves such conditions as infertility, impotence and hormonal abnormalities.

As women get older they reach the menopause, which is the cessation of the menstrual periods. This is caused by a reduction in the secretion of the female hormone Oestrogen.

Although men do not have exactly the same relatively sudden cessation of normal hormone status, over a period of time the male hormone, (Testosterone) level decreases. This may result in reduced potency, mood changes, changes in distribution of body fat, increase in abdominal girth, enlargement of breasts, reduction in bone density, changes in lean body mass and sometimes night sweats.


Erectile Dysfunction & Hypo Androgen-Metabolic Syndrome (ED and HAM)

What is it?

In order for a man to obtain an adequate erection it requires more blood to be in the penis at any one moment than is flowing out over that period of time in order for the erection to hold. A large number of factors are associated with the ability to get an erection, including desire (libido), and good circulation. These things can be adversely affected by such conditions as smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, Diabetes and neurological (nerve) disorders. Surgery or medical conditions in the lower bowel or pelvic region may be a factor also.