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Men undertaking to have a vasectomy is a normal part of family planning for a lot of families in Australia. Many couples have taken the decision to consider their families complete, having had their children and decide that a vasectomy is the best way forward for them.

A vasectomy is a common and simple procedure.
Vasectomy is carried out in day surgery with only a few hours’ stay.
It is important to realise that a man is not sterile until given the “all clear” after post operative semen analysis is carried out

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Vasectomy Reversal

This operation is carried out for men who have previously had a vasectomy for sterilisation and wish to attempt to father further children by natural means.
The operation is usually carried out as a Day Surgery procedure under general anaesthetic. The patient is admitted and should have previously shaved the scrotum.

Usually a small incision is made on either side of the scrotum over the vasectomy site which is usually palpable. The scar tissue from the vasectomy is cut away and flow of sperm from the testicular end is looked for. A very fine probe is passed down the other end which is also cleared of the scar tissue. Sometimes the gap between the two ends is too large to successfully bring the ends together.

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